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Saturday, August 4, 2007

# 7 ValaiyOsai gala gala ... by Vellore Vijay

Dear SPB Fans,

Here is one SPB more number from our Group member "Vellore Vijay". This time he had rendered the song with the backup of an instrumental bit and it sounds good. His voice is quite melodious and soft too and he has done justice to the original as well. However it is not a full song and has only a charanam and pallavi. But its good to listen.

Please go ahead, listen to his song and compliment him as well.

Please also send your comments to his email ID apex_viji@yahoo.com

Song : valaiyosai gala gala ......
Film : Sathya
Original Singers : SPB & Lata Mangeshkar



zakaas4u said...

Dear Vijay,

Nice song & nice sang!

Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vijay,

Well sung.

Appreciate ur good attempt. Ur voice has individuality. Ur trying to recollect Balu sir's chuckles, etc., which is nice.

Still some care cud hav taken in the line.. "munnalum pinnalum thalladum"...U have stressed the "la" in all the 3 places! Just ensure the usage - next time!

(Courtesy of the comment:
"Knowledge" (?!) recd from Balu sir, from the jaya TV shows!

Best Wishes,


Nice song and wonderfully rendered !