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Thursday, August 9, 2007

16. தேனே தென்பாண்டி மீனே - திரு. நடராஜன் / Thene Then Paandi Meene - Mr. H.Natarajan

Another great solo of Baluji beautifully rendered by Mr. H. Natarajan.

Song : Thene Then Paandi Meene
Movie: Udaya Geetham

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear ‘Guruji ’ Dr.SPB’s fan , Sunder,

Though in a different busy profession ,as the Chief
Regional Manager of HPCL ,Thiru. H.Natarajan, grand
son of our great national poet, Naamakkal Kavinger,
has proved that generations are not barriers to do
positive music & poetry .

"Thenae thanpaandi meenae '' with total inertia
control and a clear voice and an unhurried style of
rendition are his assets.

Thanks to the moderators for enriching our Guruji’s
fans club.