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SPB Foundation

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sabhaaash Sariyaana Potti

Mr.Venkitakrishnan is working in Software field..in USA since 1998. B.E Graduate from JNTU Anantapur (yes... the same college that Sri.SPB was in for few months in his 1st year...) We are basically Tamilians ..but I was born and had my studies in Anantapur, Andhrapradesh.

Sabhaaash Sariyaana Potti,

Dr.SPB Birthday Song >> Sung by (Our members Musicfully Mr.Karthik and Mr.Venkita Krishna)

This lovely song written by SPB Fan , Sri. Udhayabanu, Chennai, Song sung by ours beloved group member Mr. Venkitakrishna, Bostton, Sung this song again and send to me. Mr.Venkita Krishna sung very well his own style and own voice good effort. I listern carefully Mr.Venkita Krishna small changes in lyrics and sung this song. Changes words it was very nice listerning.(eg: In Pallavi Gurujiyin >> Balujiyin and another one changes in Second saranam second line) Enjoy every one. I and Venkita Krishna wish to Mr. Udhaya Banu. (I hope Sri.Udhaya banu accept Mr. Venkita Krishan words changes) Congratulation sir.

Lyrics: Tha.Vu.Udhayabhanu
Sung by: Mr.Venkita Krishna, Bostton, USA

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

SPB - A Great Human Being

Dear Guruji Dr.SPB Sir's fans,

Kindly find a true testimony on Guruji Dr.SPB sir's Humanity.

Also please find an attachment 'spb.mp3 ', a wonderful birthday song composed and sung by Thiru.H.Natarajan Sir.( Superb Lyrics by Thiru.Natarajan Sir on Guruji !)
Due to technical problems in sending through h.natarajan@yahoo.co.in,

I am forwarding this mail through my id on behalf of Thiru.H.Natarajan Sir (Guruji's fan and grand son of our great Indian National Poet Namakkal Kavinger Ramalinganaar).

Thanks and regards,
Tha.Vu.Udhayabhanu + Covai Ravee

I am delighted to share a few experiences which will only reconfirm that SPB is a great human being.

1) During last month in one of the episodes of ennodu Pattu Padungal SPB ji introduced one Mr.Prabhakar as a co-judge for the program.Mr Prabhakar happens to be my close friend who has brought out more than 250 devotional cassettes composed and sung by himself.He told that even in his remotest imagination he never thought that SPB would invite him to this program ,speaking very high of his talents through the media . Further giving an opportunity to sing the song "Paddaithane".Mr Prabhakar was proud that SPB has recognised him and honoured him which he feels is his life time achievement.This clearly proves how such a great singer can be so modest and encourage upcoming singers the way he has done with Prabhakar.

2) On 4th June, I rang up to SPB's house at 10 AM which was picked up by his accountant and I was informed that SPB would call me after he returns home.Subsequently I had given up hope that I would speak to SPB during that day..At 7:30 PM on the same day I received a call on my cell phone with the voice saying " Naan S P Balasubramaniam peseren" Then I conveyed my birthday wishes which he readily accepted .Till date I am unable to comprehend that such a great genius like SPB would return the call to an unknown person that too during his birthday.I am falling short of words to express my gratitude to this great soul.

On the occasion of his birthday I have rendered a song in honour of SPB which I am attaching for the pleasure of SPB fans.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Elliruve Kanada Song

This Elliruve Kanada Song sung by our Group member Sri. Kal Ramachandran from New Jersy. Ramachandran song sung in jolly mood very nice cute voice. I wish to him All the best and good effort. Original song Sung by our Baluji both songs are here Listern and send your feelings in comment box.

Elliruve - Mr.Kal Ramachandran Sir.

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Movie Name Bayalu Daari
Song: Elliruve
Sugn by: Dr.SPB

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Dr.SPB Birthday Song

Dr.SPB Birthday Song

This lovely song written by SPB Fan , Sri. Udhayabanu, Chennai, Song sung by ours musucfully Mr.Karthik. Enjoy every one.

Lyrics: Tha.Vu.Udhayabhanu
Singer: Musicfully Karthik

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fan's birthday song for Baluji

Lycis by: T.U.Udhayabhanu
Sung by: 'Musicfully' Karthik

Thamizhinil Thiruk...