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Thursday, August 2, 2007

# 6 alai alaiyaaga - "Vellore" Vijay

Dear SPB Fans,

Today I have taken the liberty of posting an SPB song sung by one of our Group Members “Vellore” Vijay. As the prefix suggests, he resides & works in Vellore, TamilNadu and is an aspiring singer who is doing stage shows there. I had met him once during one of the Fans’ Meetings at Chennai and had the opportunity of listening to him singing a few SPB songs during the meeting based on our request. He has a very soft & melodious voice.

His song which I am posting now has not been sent by him to me. I happened to come across it on COOLTOAD.COM a few months back when I was searching for the original SPB version of this song. I first downloaded this song thinking it was the SPB version. But when I played it in my Windows Media Player, I found that it was the voice of our Group Member “Vellore” Vijay (I understood this from the name of file and also from the voice tone).

Since he had posted his song on a public website, I thought it would not be unfair on my part in posting it in this blog without his permission.


Song : alai alaiyAga …….
Film : kaNNOdu kaNN
Original Singers : SPB & SP.Shailaja


1 comment:

magisivappa said...

Nice voice vijay, keep it up. You can do much better with practice. MAY HE BLESS YOU.