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Friday, July 27, 2007

# 1 முன் பனியா - முரளி கிருஷ்ணன்

முரளி கிருஷ்ணன் என்பவர் சிறப்பாகப் பாடியிருக்கும் பாலுவின் முன் பனியா (நந்தா) பாடல் உங்கள் பார்வைக்கு இங்கே. படத்தில் வருபவரும் முரளி கிருஷ்ணனா என்று தெரியவில்லை. யூட்யூபில் கிடைத்த ஒளிக்கோப்பு இது.

அருமையான பாடல், நல்ல ஒளியாக்கம். அவருக்குப் பாராட்டுகள்.

Singer : Muralikrishnan
Actor : Don't know (may be it's Muralikrishnan too!)
Song : Munpaniya from Nandha

Great singing and good picturization!


Sriram said...

Good Attempt by Murali Krishnan - I really enjoyed it. He has shown good control of the voice which is very important to this song. Keep Up.

I saw him performing "Megum Kottatum" remix number in one of the dance competition "Dhool" held in Malaysia / Singapore which was aired in Vijay TV. - Isn't the same guy?


Good show by Murali. His voice is so soft and he has ensured he spirit of the song by his soulful rendition. So much abundanat talent seems to be spread across the globe. Long live SPB for creating such off springs due to his influence

வற்றாயிருப்பு சுந்தர் said...


I was desparately searching for videos like this and came across this one. I actually have no details about him - unfortunately.

I hope he gets to see this post some day and will come forward to give more details.

He has talent; otherwise we wouldn't be talking about him, not knowing who he is and where he is today!

வற்றாயிருப்பு சுந்தர் said...

Thanks Dasaradhi for your comments. I was very impressed with his singing abilities; that's why his is the first one in this blog!

I'm looking forward to get more and more from the Fans of Baluji.

let's see.

Nanda said...

great job by Muralikrishnan.